25 thoughts to “Topless legs open”

  1. I love your hot little body! From those adorable tits with incredibly suckable nipples to that beautiful flat tummy, to your long, hot legs, to that amazing pussy, I don’t think you could get any hotter. I want to fuck you so bad!

  2. You should do what makes you happy! As for me, I honestly don’t think you need them at all. You have great tits, just the way they are! Natural feels incredible. I’ve never actually been with anyone who had implants, but I think I would like you best the way you are!

    1. My friend has fake tits. They for sure don’t feel the same but they are bigger and she loves them. I’ve been saving up for them and finally have enough but I’m undecided.

      1. I would definitely fuck you with big fake tits, too! If they would make you happy, then go for it. I just can’t imagine that any guy or girl would need you to look any different than you do now. You are beautiful, and your tits are hot! So if you do it, do it for you!

        1. I wouldn’t get huge tits. I just want a nice C cup size. I think they would make me happy but I’m not sure. You make me feel good about myself and my small tits. My hubby loves them too as they are.

  3. I’m thinking of you tonight, and posted all over your pics. Soon, I’m going to cum all over, looking at your pics. Please post more pics, and tell me more of your awesome stories. I miss you!

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