26 thoughts to “Me wet”

  1. Your wetness is so wonderful. I want to taste that sweetness and lick it from your clit like a lollipop. I can only imagine how incredible it would feel to slowly plunge my fat cock deeply into your wet pussy. Please let me fuck you.

      1. I want to just feel that wetness on the tip of my cock, too. I think I’ll tease you a bit. Then enter you so slowly that we ache as my thickness spreads you out and it slowly slides in. I want this. I want it so much!

          1. Mmm! God, yes! And after I cum inside you, I want to taste us together. I’ll bet we would still taste sweet, like you.

  2. I still want to fuck you so bad! Please write to me. I miss you! I miss our incredibly hot talk. I so want to actually feel your incredible body. Good God, I want you!

    1. I wasn’t looking sexy. It was super cold this year on Halloween so I bundled up while taking my kids around. But you do know it’s church tomorrow so no panties I go. Maybe I will flash my pussy

      1. What did you wear to church this week? More importantly, what didn’t you wear underneath? I don’t think anyone could concentrate on the sermon at your church. But I bet many sound a little like they are in the choir when they go home!

        1. I wore a lite yellow dress that went right to my knees with no panties. It was obvious from behind I had none on. Just sitting there know my pussy might be seen made me wet and excited.

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