16 thoughts to “From behind”

  1. I may have a hard time sleeping tonight. This is all I’m going to be thinking about. I can’t stop imagining my tongue running the length of that beautiful clit, before I plunge my cock deep into you. Holy shit you are hot!

  2. I’m finally alone. My cock is in my hand, while I look at this picture and dream of stretching out your tiny little hole. Spread that pussy out, Camille! I’m cuming in!!!

  3. You have such a beautiful little pussy! You get me so hard all the time. I think of you constantly, and have cum for you so many times. I would love to squeeze my cock into all of your holes, perhaps even alternating for a while. But your pussy is where I really want to be. All I know, is that I feel as though your pussy is calling me in. I can’t wait to feel my cock inside you! And once I’m there, I will want to stay for a very long time.

  4. It is like heaven. I get super wet. I love the sound of cock sliding in and out of my pussy. After you cum in me just continue to fuck me until you cum again.

    1. I love that sound, too! Whenever I hear that, and it’s almost like a splashing sound, I know the gushing is about to begin. If you get that wet, I really do think you can squirt! I so want to try!!! If you are super horny, and I take my time sucking your nipples before going down on you for a really long time, I really think I could stimulate your g-spot with my cock and with my fingers until you were squirting all over the place. I would love to do that for you. Now I want to fuck you even more!!! I will make it rain in heaven!

      1. You can try honey. I’m super horny right now. I’m wet I can feel it. Push your cock in my a rub my g spot with it. I want you to make me squirt for the first time. I want to see now it feels to squirt all over. Fuck me babe. I need you in me

  5. I looked through every pic tonight. I’m away for work, so I can’t get out my cock. But you have me so hard that I think it might burst. I love that you posted this for me. Damn, I wish I was behind you, taking in this view right now. I want to squeeze into that tiny little hole and fill you with cum. That is the only way this picture could be any more beautiful.

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