6 thoughts to “DPG hatin azz ..his ole lady craves this!”

  1. Wait…….
    Fuck the shaft, what in the fuck is up with those balls????? You missin 1 or 2 givers?

    I bet you couldn’t father a child if your life depended on it. give it your all lmmfao!
    Lame doesn’t describe your appetite for attention tEX.

  2. You should probably visit the dr with your 1 drop load….see what HE has to say.
    My guess?
    He’d say…..well bless your heart. Have at em tEX, go bareback, you’ll never be able to impregnate a woman. Pop off at your hearts desire. Lame ass mother fucker

  3. The meat gazing DPG. All the tits on here and you still cant help yourself to come back to my pics. Penis envy much? It’s ok little fella I’m sure there will be more dicks on here that you can WISH you had!

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